The Business Considerations for Achieving High Performance in DevOps

13:00 - 16:00, 8th October

Enabling the Continuous Delivery of Business Value

Over the past decade, the emergence of DevOps, along with the adoption of lean \ agile practices, has meant that a high performing subset of companies are achieving dramatic reductions in lead times while reducing overall operational costs.  

However often companies implement the external "DevOps" tools and processes without addressing the mindset and behavioural changes required to achieve the true competitive advantage. These changes will need to be made in parallel, across your organisational structures, delivery processes and technical practices. This session will provide a practical oversight of the steps that need to be made for a successful transformation

  • Introduction to Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment Concepts
  • How to use Value Stream Mapping to identify the bottlenecks in delivery and quantify the ROI in removing them
  • How to shift the architectural approach using DDD techniques to reduce dependencies in delivery
  • How to shift to a "Single Piece Flow" mindest to improve quality, reduce release complexity and reduce lead-times
  • How we use Azure DevOps tooling to automate away waste
  • Making the team own quality by adopting ATDD \ TDD to move towards "No QA"
  • How to measure and manage team performance using relevant metrics

This will be an interactive session so you will talk about the cultural and organisational challenges that you will encounter as you attempt to roll out the necessary steps. 

Eoin Barry, Software Development Practice Lead at Codec

Eoin is the DevOps Practice Lead at Codec Ireland. Eoin has a technical background working as a Lead Developer at Ryanair and previously at Charles Taylor.