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Our Journey

The mission behind UXDX remains the same: to help both large and small teams enhance their process and advance their product. 2019 will see the UXDX community events expand to 11 cities, with its first U.S. edition taking place towards the end of 2019. UXDX Conf 2019 will welcome 1,500 passionate product people to Dublin on the 7th and 8th of October. With new concepts on Vision to Execution on the agenda, we also announce a Product Launch section to bring more product marketers into the conversation. In 2019, UXDX integrated training for all attendees into the main advance to ensure people put into practice the concepts they are learning. 

The UXDX community continued expansion in 2018 launching community events in 9 cities across Europe. The main annual event welcomed almost 1,000 forward thinkers to network around concepts from Vision to Execution. 

In 2017, the UXDX model centered around outcome driven development, started to gain traction globally. UXDX expanded an event to accommodate discussions with the community in Berlin and UXDX Conf grew to 800 product people gathering in Dublin to come together to discuss how to speed up delivery, and build a better product. 

In its first year, UXDX gathered over 400 people mainly from the Dublin tech community with a mission to build a model to help teams build the right product, faster. UXDX started out as a simple idea, founders, Rory and Catherine took a step back from building their startup to research a better formula for launching a new product. In the past few years, they noticed the pace of change in project delivery had accelerated. While the benefits were clear the approaches for implementing these new processes were not. It was an issue they found was being tackled by the entire product development community around the world. What started with an initiative to build their own product, turned into a movement to shape the entire industry and the UXDX model was created.

UXDX Team and Volunteers at UXDX Conf
Phil Keslin, Pokemon Go, Niantic on stage at UXDX
Charlotte, Catherine team uxdx