CTO Lunch

Trust and Data Security in the Cloud

Date: Friday 5th October, 12:30 - 14:30

While originally a way of reducing costs and speeding up provisioning cloud infrastructure is maturing to offer even greater benefits to organisations; from immutable infrastructure to dynamic, short lived environments to experimental sandboxes to developers. With these benefits come additional challenges including infrastructure architecture planning, operational governance and security. At this round table lunch we will have four Microsoft Azure and Codec experts each sharing their insights on the following key areas:

  1. Cloud infrastructure architecture best practices
  2. Governance in the cloud
  3. Key security threats and mitigants
  4. Mobile Device security


The meal will be 3 courses with 20 minutes on each topic. The speaker moves between the tables as the courses come and go. The idea is not that the speaker holds forth but that they stimulate debate, and that each table can share knowledge and experiences so that all benefit from the interaction.


12:30 Welcome and Seating

12.40 Panel discussion 

13:00 Start of Table Discussion 

14:15 Wrap up of Tabes

14:20 Closing remarks

14:25 Close 


John O'Connell

John O'Connell

Head of Product Engineering, eShopWorld

Brian Smyth

Brian Smyth

Cloud and Platform Technical Lead, Codec

Comdt. Damian Griffin

Comdt. Damian Griffin

CTO, Defence Forces

David Keddy

David Keddy

Advanced Threat Prevention Lead, Microsoft Ireland