Understand Your Customer's Unmet Needs & Align Your Team

14:00 - 16:00, 7th October

How to Understand Your Customers' Unmet Needs and Align Your Team

Most innovation in companies today is product-centric - look at a product and see how it can be improved. But, how do you determine which improvements will deliver value to your customer and your business? How do you develop common criteria for "good" feature ideas to have fast and painless prioritization meetings? The key is to understand your customer's goal independent of your product. What problem are they "hiring" your product to solve?

Jobs-to-be-Done is a theory popularized by Harvard Business School Professor Clay Christensen to explain that customers do not buy your products, they hire them to get a job done. The struggle to get the job done causes a purchase. Companies need to understand that struggle as precisely as possible to get customers to switch to their solutions. In this workshop, Jared will discuss how to:

  • Define your true customer 
  • Identify your customer's Job-to-be-Done 
  • Find a high-value customer segment 
  • Prioritize unmet needs with qualitative and quantitative research 
  • Use JTBD competitor analysis to avoid playing feature catch-up 
  • Develop a Jobs-to-be-Done feature thesis to determine if an idea is worth building
Jared Ranere

Jared Ranere, partner at Thrv

As a Partner at thrv, Jared has implemented Jobs-to-be-Done at dozens of companies from Fortune 500s to private equity portfolio companies to startups. In the process, Jared has advanced Jobs Theory and thrv's method. Before joining thrv, Jared was the CEO and Co- Founder of Brief, an app that helped freelancers get new business by making it faster and easier to build relationships with potential customers.