UX Design Principles for VR

13:00 - 15:00, 8th October

UX Design Principles for VR

Fresh off the back of judging the Immersive category at the Sharks International Advertising awards, Camille will share words of wisdom for designing VR and AR experiences. She will share UX design principles for VR to ensure a positive and comfortable user experience which is vital for the adoption of these new storytelling mediums. Following the talk, there will be lots of VR and AR demos for attendees to try on a variety of devices.

Key takeaways from this session:

- Discover why UX is everything in VR

- What UX Design principles to follow when creating VR

- Experience lots of different content to draw your own conclusions

Camille Donegan, General Manager and Producer at Virtual Reality Ireland

Camille Donegan is an award winning Virtual Reality Producer, speaker and curator. She is General Manager and Producer at Virtual Reality Ireland. Camille created and curated Ireland's first VR strand at an arts festival for Carlow Arts Festival 2019. This consisted of a VR Cinema, an interactive strand and several talks and workshops.

In 2019, a VR Training product she designed and produced won the IITD (Irish Institute of Training and Development) award for Excellence in Digital Learning. This product puts new call centre agents into the virtual perspective, and body, of an experienced sales agent, tricking their mind into believing they have already achieved a successful sales call. More recently she has taken this concept and applied it as a confidence-building tool for older patients that are nervous about being discharged from hospital. The solution was co-designed with staff at the hospital to address patients anxieties about re-assimilating in to society.