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Product Vision

Build the Right Product

33% of product features negatively impact the product

  • Integrated UX
  • Hypothesis Driven Development
  • Progressive Enhancements
  • Lean Prototyping

Teamwork for Efficiency

Build the Product Faster

Low performing teams spend 22% more time on unnecessary rework

  • Stay Lean at Scale
  • Building a DevOps Culture
  • Serverless Architectures
  • Progressive Web Apps


Deploy Quicker

DevOps teams have a 440x faster lead time for changes

  • Building a DevOps Culture
  • Containerisation
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Continuous Learning: Feeding UX with Monitoring

Adrian Trenaman

Adrian Trenaman

SVP Engineering, Gilt

David O'Callaghan

David O'Callaghan

Head of Development, Ryanair

Rob  Campion

Rob Campion

Tech Lead, Hubspot

Amar  Nagaram

Amar Nagaram

VP of Engineering, Flipkart

Christopher  Slowe

Christopher Slowe

CTO, Reddit

Bryan Dove

Bryan Dove

CTO, Skyscanner

Daniel Rolls

Daniel Rolls

Senior Developer, Sky

Nik Crabtree

Nik Crabtree

Lead Principal Software Engineer, ASOS

Mathias  Buus

Mathias Buus

Contributor, Dat Project

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We are currently drafting the full details of the model, including the necessary pre-planning steps for Outcome-Driven development, the strategies for development based on your product purpose and the detailed steps on how to manage each step of the process. We are reaching out to product delivery professionals for their input on the model and will incorporate this feedback into the final documentation.