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Our World Class Developer Speakers

Christopher  Slowe

Christopher Slowe

CTO & Co-Founder, Reddit

Engin Akyol

Engin Akyol

VP Engineering, Bot Management, Distil Networks (part of Imperva)

Rashi Khurana

Rashi Khurana

VP of Engineering, Shutterstock

Dana Lawson

Dana Lawson

VP of Engineering, GitHub

Richard Rodger

Richard Rodger

CTO, Voxgig

Nik Rahmel

Nik Rahmel

Senior Software Engineer, BBC

Marie-Laure  Thuret

Marie-Laure Thuret

Technical Product Manager, Algolia

Sebastian Hesse

Sebastian Hesse

Software Engineer, K15t

Aidan Cunnion

Aidan Cunnion

SVP, Engineering, HMH

Jonathan Rigby

Jonathan Rigby

Director of Technology , Expedia Group

Nix Crabtree

Nix Crabtree

Lead Principal Software Engineer, ASOS

Feature Factories focus on the Wrong Problems


of features fail to deliver value

By focusing on developing instead of customer needs teams are wasting time and building products that customers don't want.


more time spent on re-work

Leading teams spend one day less per week doing re-work. Which means they spend more on improving their products.


loss of creativity

When development teams are treated as feature factories, organisations lose over 50% of the team creativity. Good ideas come from people who build the product.

There's a Better Way of Building Products

Bringing the dev team into the ideation and prototyping sessions enables developers to better understand the customer needs and deliver better, and often more efficient, solutions. Equally incorporating Ops into the Product team results in faster releases with higher quality.

From Waterfall Projects
To Cross Functional Product Teams

How UXDX Enables Change

In order to change long established, and embedded, working practices you need the appetite for change followed by both top down and bottom up support.

UXDX Change Framework


Hear how our world-class technology speakers are solving the challenges of continuous delivery in some of the biggest tech companies. 

Personal Ability

Hands-on training targeted on the latest Cloud and DevOps tools and techniques that cross functional product teams need.

Organisational Ability

Learn how to the world's leading companies are aligning their product teams across their organisations and empowering them to deliver

Companies That Attend

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Developers & UXDX

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