Foundations of Public Speaking

How to Present and Stay on Point

The previous topics we have covered will really help your preparation for this week. Staying on point is much more difficult than it sounds and this is where preparation and structuring your talk will really come into play.

For an audience member there is nothing worse than being told you are going to hear about a certain topic but they get something completely different. Or at the end of a session the audience doesn't get any clear takeaway points. We will give you key tips to stay on topic which will keep you and your audience happy.

topics covered

Topics Covered

  • Open with an impact
  • Stick to your agenda
  • On stage presence 
  • Large group speaking style


Key Takeaways

  • Opening a presentation to have the most impact
  • State to the audience what they will get out of the talk
  • Adapting your talk to the size and style of the group
  • Keeping comfortable and eliminating crutch words
  • Feeling yourself and communicating with confidence