Foundations of Public Speaking

Structuring Your Talk

Having a structure to your talk will give you a clear focus on the topic and delivery, as well as how you want to get that message across. It should also help with any nerves you might have.

This session will look at how to pick and structure your topic and presentation. This session will also talk through how to get a structure that suits you and your personality as well as how to adapt this structure for different events and audiences. 

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Topics Covered

  • Choosing a topic to present
  • Creating an outline of your presentation
  • Finding a style that suits you
  • Adapting the structure according to the audience or timing

uxdx traing

Key Takeaways

  • Figuring out your key message
  • Methods to map out and decide on your unique topic
  • Thinking about the topic you will choose for your final presentation on this course
  • Structure and style to suit you and your personality
  • Methods to change structure for different audience types