UXDX Online - Helsinki & Copenhagen

17 March 2020, 13:00 - 17:30 EET

Product Development is Broken


of features fail to deliver value

Microsoft started tracking every feature and discovered that only 33% of good ideas actually delivered the expected value


of people have their hands tied

The delivery team know what is best but they are blocked by company structure and policies from doing the right thing.


more time spent on rework

Teams that use legacy development practices spend more time on rework which kills motivation and slows delivery.

There's a Better Way of Building Products

Projects involve functions temporarily working together to deliver a set scope, but this limits the ability to learn about customers and forces a more short term view. What we need is for the right mix of skills across Product, UX, Design, Dev and Ops to be working together to learn, build and continuously improve the product. 

From Waterfall Projects
To Cross Functional Product Teams

What To Expect

UXDX Model

Learn the UXDX Model

Our mission is to help teams improve their processes and shift from being feature factories towards owning and delivery business outcomes. Hear about the challenges of successes of companies who are leading this shift and breaking down the barriers between development, design and product teams.

Alice Newton, Head of Product, World Remit

Global Trail Blazers

From nimble scaleups  to enterprises  talking about the challenges they're facing, how they're solving them and the focus areas. You'll learn proven strategies from teams who've already tested it in the market that you can leverage to speed up your delivery. 

2 men talking


Step out of the office for a day to learn and network on how others are speeding up product delivery. Grow your network by meeting new and old faces in your local city- get to ask the questions you don't feel like asking your team. 

Sharing their story

Our speakers have been selected to give you a snapshot into the product life-cycle, from research, to build, deploy and product launch. The goal will be to help you enhance your process which in turn will help you advance your product. 

Jussi Luhtasela

Jussi Luhtasela

Head of Digital Platform, Finnair

Akseli Virtanen

Akseli Virtanen

Technology Advisor, Frantic

Harri Kiljander

Harri Kiljander

VP of Design, Yousician

Rory Madden

Rory Madden

Founder, UXDX

Antti   Kujala

Antti Kujala

Director, UX & Design, Amer Sports

Emma Laiho

Emma Laiho

Design Director, Frantic

Lindsay   Petley-Ragan

Lindsay Petley-Ragan

Scientific Simulation Director, Labster

Matthieu Guillermin

Matthieu Guillermin

Engineering Lead, Zalando

Maksim Ekimovskii

Maksim Ekimovskii

Senior Software Engineer, Zalando

UXDX Online

UXDX online is more than just a webinar - its delivers the same insights, inspiration, networking and fun of a physical event. Like a real venue we have multiple rooms for different activities, just this time they are online rooms instead of physical rooms. 

UXDX Online Venue Map

Main Stage: 686-030-888

Networking: 950-289-4554

Speaker Q&A Room A: 755-195-0404

Speaker Q&A Room B: 869-159-4596

Speaker Q&A Room C: 687-139-6466

Note: Access to the rooms is based on the email address that you used to register your ticket, with one space per email. 

UXDX Helsinki Agenda

The agenda has been designed to promote local speakers from the Helsinki and Copenhagen product development community.

Arrival & Networking
Networking Area

Rory Madden, Founder
Opening Address

Rory Madden, Founder, UXDX

Main Stage

Lindsay   Petley-Ragan, Scientific Simulation Director
A Toolbox for Growth and Holacracy

Lindsay Petley-Ragan, Scientific Simulation Director, Labster

Main Stage

Working in the VR education industry requires constant adaptation across a growing global team at Labster. Team members are empowered to dictate their own responsibilities and time, while routinely taking on new professional roles as the team's purpose grows. 

How does Labster change their workflows and best practices on the fly while maintaining high levels of alignment between team members around the world? A holacratic software toolbox that not just enables but encourages growth, change and team motivation will be presented. 

Harri Kiljander, VP of Design
Improving Design & Agile Development at Scale

Harri Kiljander, VP of Design, Yousician

Main Stage

One of Yousician big drivers as a company is to seek an even better way to collaborate across design and agile development, in a growing organisation. Harri Kiljander, VP of Design at Yousician will look at what his current and previous teams in F-Secure Corporation in Helsinki did to improve how design and development can work even better together.

Networking Break
Networking Area

Q&A with Lindsay, Labster
Speaker Q&A: Room A

Q&A with Harry, Yousician
Speaker Q&A: Room B

Panel Session
First Good Cafe - A playful Framework for Making Decisions

Akseli Virtanen, Technology Advisor, Frantic

Emma Laiho, Design Director, Frantic

Main Stage

Making decisions is hard. It can take a lot of time to make decisions, while not making them bottlenecks and delays work. Working on both client projects and developing our business at Frantic we have thought a lot about making decisions, and how to make more and better decisions. This thinking has evolved into a story about finding the First Good Cafe.

It is a playful framework to help thinking about what are the important decisions and how to make them. Making decisions, after all, is crucial in almost any kind of organisation, team and work (and getting coffee).

Antti   Kujala, Director, UX & Design
Go Mobile and Prepare to Change Everything

Antti Kujala, Director, UX & Design, Amer Sports

Main Stage

How can a seemingly isolated UX decision lead into changing nearly everything in the way a company develops its products? 

Suunto is a global sports wearables brand that has been praised for its robust, beautifully designed watches and instruments since 1936. The R&D operational focus was always on running effective projects with a clear start and end. However, everything changed with the sudden realization that the users behaved very differently than was anticipated: they went mobile. Through developing a new native app, the company ended up touching almost all areas of operations and learned a lot. 

Here's the story.

Networking Break
Main Stage

Q&A with Akseli & Emma, Frantic
Speaker Q&A: Room A

Q&A with Antti, Amer Sports
Speaker Q&A: Room B

Panel Session
Streamlining Product Handovers and Takeovers

Maksim Ekimovskii, Senior Software Engineer, Zalando

Matthieu Guillermin, Engineering Lead, Zalando

Main Stage

Moving product pipelines from one team to another, from one department to another, from one country to another is a challenging and common task in a dynamic environment - especially in big companies with many teams where projects can move back and forth due to internal structure changes, teams merge and splits, etc.

The Zalando Engineering team will share their approach and practices they use to make those migrations smooth. The team will provide you with insights into how this works at scale at Zalando, what are the technical and non-technical challenges are - from moving parts of such migrations, timelines, cross team collaboration aspects, rolling out to production when you are not an original owner of the system.

Jussi Luhtasela, Head of Digital Platform
Developing Digital Services at Finnair

Jussi Luhtasela, Head of Digital Platform, Finnair

Main Stage

In this talk, Jussi will discuss multiple product launches aimed at improving our customer experience and how the team processes worked towards continuos delivery. Providing the team with full front-end freedom to build the personalised shopping experiences our customers want. Processes of developers, designers, product owners, scrum masters, business owners, other stakeholders, partners and suppliers all working towards the same goal. Discussing the outcome to date and future road to success

Rory Madden, Founder
Turning Motivation into Action

Rory Madden, Founder, UXDX

Main Stage

Working as product teams delivers better results but making the shift involves changing how teams and companies work - and change is hard. 

How do we convince people that we have thought through the implications of the changes that we are proposing without getting bogged down in months of analysis, meetings and pointless whiteboard strategising. 

In this talk Rory will give an introduction to the UXDX framework, which is the result of years of hands on experience helping teams to make the transition from projects to products. 

Networking Area

Q&A with Maksim & Matthieu, Zalando
Speaker Q&A: Room A

Q&A with Jussi, Finnair
Speaker Q&A: Room B

Q&A with Rory, UXDX
Speaker Q&A: Room C

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