Impact Mapping: Guiding Agile Teams with Customer Obsession

10:00 - 12:00, 7th October

Business Focus: Impact Mapping

Impact Mapping offers the opportunity to align teams to business objectives, test mutual understanding of goals and expected outcomes with stakeholders, focus teams toward delivering the highest value and enable collaborative decision-making. In this training session, Christian will talk you through how you can use impact mapping to ensure you're building the right product and that the team is focused on a common goal;

Outcomes you'll walk away with include;

  • How to ensure that you're building the right product
  • How to align the activities of delivery teams and the organisation around them
  • Make an impact with software products and projects
  • Communicate overall goals and vision to delivery teams
  • Facilitate impact mapping sessions
  • Build a delivery roadmap and backlog with impact maps
  • Create great user stories
Christian Hassa

Christian Hassa, Managing Partner, TechTalk

Christian Hassa helps organizations to utilize software development more effectively in supporting their business goals. He focuses on the collaboration of software delivery teams with business stakeholders, specializing in particular on impact mapping, story mapping and specification-by-example.

Christian is working in software development since the early 1990ies. He is managing partner at TechTalk, a .NET services and consulting company focusing on agile coaching and delivery. In 2007 Christian and his team at TechTalk initiated SpecFlow, a .NET open source tool for BDD and specification-by-example.