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  • UXDX Community 2018: Execution : DX
    Rory Madden |

    In the last post we shared the key trends in the UX space that came out of the UXDX community events in 2018. Now it’s time to start to explore the best practices in delivery - while keeping a focus on the outcomes that your product is trying to achieve.

  • UXDX Community 2018: Execution: UX
    Rory Madden |

    In the previous article on Product Vision we discussed spending time understanding the problem, designing your experiments and mapping out your high level product roadmap. Now it’s time to start implementation.

  • UXDX Community 2018: Product Vision
    Rory Madden |

    One of the misconceptions about agile is that you don’t need to plan - you can react and change as you go. However, product planning is just as important in an agile context as in traditional waterfall environments.

  • UXDX Community 2018: Agile Transformation
    Rory Madden |

    Small, cross functional autonomous teams formed a part of nearly every talk at the UXDX Community conferences. The benefits of this structure are being recognised in a number of companies but for those coming from more traditional enterprise backgrounds the ability to shift to this way of working might seem unachievable. A number of our talks to...

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