Integrating UX & Dev


Are your UX and Development Teams in sync? DevOps has been hugely successful because it identified that barriers between teams are one of the biggest bottlenecks for delivering products to customers. With the aim of reducing wasted effort, many product teams are merging Design / UX teams with their Dev teams. With anything new there has been a lot of experimentation to figure out how things work. Rather than learn from first principles you can join this training to uncover the approaches and techniques proven to work. 

In this workshop you will learn about: 

  • Pulling Developers Left: Product Vision
  • Hypothesis Workshops
  • Prototyping Ideation
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Constant Communication throughout the Delivery Cycle


rory madden headshot

Rory Madden

An experienced and proven project manager Rory has been successfully managing multi-million euro IT projects for almost 15 years, delivering software integration projects for clients across the Aviation, Financial Services, Telecoms, Public Sector and Property industries in Ireland, Australia and the UK. Having spent 2 years in the startup space, where new ideas are more readily embraced, Rory developed a model for how enterprises can adopt the best practices of lean product development while operating within the rigid boundaries of large enterprises.