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How UXDX Will Help You Grow Your Non-profit

Building a non-profit is no different from building a commercial product. You still need a journey that makes your users come back and a process that's optimised for success. The event will offer plenty of learning and networking opportunities for non-profit organisations looking to upgrade their team's skills and create new connections. We'll be running a number of role-specific workshops which will be included in your ticket. You'll also have the amazing opportunity to meet industry experts and potential leads from world-class tech companies. 

We have allocated 100 subsidised tickets of €90, which is over 80% off the regular price for NFPs who want to use UXDX Conf to help them scale their business and product. To apply to get one of the tickets, please click below. We'll be in touch within 2 working days to let you know if you qualify, and how to purchase.

Regular price is €680 (ex VAT at 23%)

Our World-leading Speakers

Michael  Gough

Michael Gough

Vice President of Product Design , Uber

Russ Wilson

Russ Wilson

Head of UX , Google

Cindy Chastain

Cindy Chastain

SVP, Global Customer Experience and Design, Mastercard

Engin Akyol

Engin Akyol

VP Engineering, Bot Management, Distil Networks (part of Imperva)

Sebastien  Fabre

Sebastien Fabre

Head of UX, Mobile & Portals, LEGO Group

Rashi Khurana

Rashi Khurana

VP of Engineering, Shutterstock

Alan Klement

Alan Klement

Partner, Revealed

Stephen McCarthy

Stephen McCarthy

Head of Design, Government Digital Service UK

Companies That Attend

Product Development is Broken


of features fail to deliver value

Microsoft started tracking every feature and discovered that only 33% of good ideas actually delivered the expected value


of people have their hands tied

The delivery team know what is best but they are blocked by company structure and policies from doing the right thing.


more time spent on rework

Teams that use legacy development practices spend more time on rework which kills motivation and slows delivery.

How UXDX Enables Change

In order to change long established, and embedded, working practices you need the appetite for change followed by both top down and bottom up support.

UXDX Change Framework


Hear how our world class speakers are benefiting both customers and the business by having UX research and Design integrated into the product delivery team.

Personal Ability

Hands-on training targeted on the latest UX and Design tools and techniques that cross functional product teams need.

Organisational Ability

Learn how to the world's leading companies are aligning their product teams across their organisations and empowering them to deliver

Join us in Dublin this October

Learn from the world's leading tech experts and create new connections 

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