20 June 2019 12:30pm - 5pm

Sharing Their Story

We have selected a fantastic group of international speakers to give you a snapshot into the product life-cycle, from research, to build, deploy and product launch. The goal will be to help you enhance your product delivery process which in turn will help you advance your product. 

Alan Semenov

Alan Semenov

Development Lead, Enonic

Amna Askari

Amna Askari

Full Stack Software Engineer, Reach

Arnstein Teigene

Arnstein Teigene

Head of Product, Documaster AS

Elisabeth Barrie

Elisabeth Barrie

Chief Product Officer, Vipps

Erik Devetak

Erik Devetak

Chief Product Officer, Xeneta

UXDX Mission

UXDX Model: Research -> Hypothesis -> Prototype

33% of product features negatively impact the product

Are you validating your new features before development?

UXDX Model: Build -> Test -> Release

Low performing teams spend 22% more time on unnecessary rework

Are you merging and testing regularly enough? 


DevOps teams have a 440x faster lead time for changes

How quickly can you get code to Production?

What To Expect

UXDX Model

Learn the UXDX Model

Our mission is to help teams improve their processes and shift from being feature factories towards owning and delivery business outcomes. Hear about the challenges of successes of companies who are leading this shift and breaking down the barriers between development, design and product teams.

Alice Newton, Head of Product, World Remit

Global Trail Blazers

From nimble scaleups  to enterprises  talking about the challenges they're facing, how they're solving them and the focus areas. You'll learn proven strategies from teams who've already tested it in the market that you can leverage to speed up your delivery. 

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Step out of the office for a day to learn and network on how others are speeding up product delivery. Grow your network by meeting new and old faces in your local city- get to ask the questions you don't feel like asking your team. 

UXDX Oslo Agenda

Networking & Canape Reception

Rory Madden, Founder
Managing Change

Rory Madden, Founder, UXDX

Agenda Oslo

Elisabeth Barrie, Chief Product Officer
Team Roadmap and Planning

Elisabeth Barrie, Chief Product Officer, Vipps

Agenda Oslo

Arnstein Teigene, Head of Product
Hypothesis Driven Development

Arnstein Teigene, Head of Product, Documaster AS

Agenda Oslo


Erik Devetak, Chief Product Officer
Creating a Culture to Empower your Team

Erik Devetak, Chief Product Officer, Xeneta

Agenda Oslo

Alan Semenov, Development Lead
Business Values of PWAs

Alan Semenov, Development Lead, Enonic

Agenda Oslo

Amna Askari, Full Stack Software Engineer
Assumptions, Bets, Experiments: How to manage the opportunity tree

Amna Askari, Full Stack Software Engineer, Reach

Agenda Oslo

You have a product and you want to figure out what to build next. The options are endless - how do you nail that minimum effort and maximum result ratio? In this talk Amna will zoom in on key documents including business requirements, market research, UX research, user analytics, user serveys and how do you test the results of these experiments.


Food & Networking

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"Bakken & Baeck, is a digital studio based in Oslo, Bonn and Amsterdam. Their mission is to create great digital products, together with great people and have fun along the way."

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David O'Donoghue, Head of Engineering, Zalando speaking at UXDX
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