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Product Development is Broken


of features fail to deliver value

Microsoft started tracking every feature and discovered that only 33% of good ideas actually delivered the expected value


of people have their hands tied

The delivery team know what is best but they are blocked by company structure and policies from doing the right thing.


more time spent on rework

Teams that use legacy development practices spend more time on rework which kills motivation and slows delivery.

We attract your target market

Audience Roles: Design/UX: 34%, Developer: 24%, Product: 18%, Project: 15%. Marketing:3%, Other: 6%

Audience Roles

Audience Seniority: CEO (10%), C-Suite (12%), Senior Management (20%), Experienced Practitioners (48%), Junior (10%)


Audience Company Size: Enterprise  (1000+): 45%, Large (201 - 1000): 19%, Medium (51 - 200): 17%, Small (11-50): 13%, Startup/Freelance: 6%

Company Size

Audience Countries: Ireland: 36%, UK: 18%, US: 7%, Finland: 7%, Netherlands: 6%, Germany: 5%, France: 2%, Other: 19%


Our content motivates people to act

What? - New ways of working


The new ways of working

There are challenges with product development - it is still a relatively new industry and capabilities are expanding quickly. Our world class speakers share their new ways of working that tackle the problems that our audience are experiencing. 

Why? - The outcomes achieved


The outcomes achieved

New and shiny isn't always best. Out speakers share the successes that these new ways of working have helped to achieve. By proving that the challenges can be solved the audience are motivated to follow through on the new ways of working.

How - Helping Hand


Helping Hand

Motivation alone isn't enough to effect change. People need help to adopt new practices and tools. This is where our partners can assist in helping teams to adopt new solutions to solve their challenges. 

Your Opportunity

UXDX is like getting a backstage pass to the people you want to meet, when they want it most.

Exhibition space


Our audience know that there are problems in how they are delivering their products. You need to let them know that you exist and that you can solve their problems. With audience of 2,000, UXDX is an opportunity to get your entire years worth of customers over 2 days.

Brand Authority


People need to know that they can trust you to solve their problems. There is no point in saying how great you are because people won't believe you. But the social proof from having a client share how you helped them to solve their problems is priceless. 



Even with Awareness and Interest there is still the fear of change that will prevent people from adopting a new solution. Delivering dedicated training on your product or service will highlight the benefits as well as reduce the friction for change, which critically will increase your conversion.

Our Partner Community

Some of our past speakers

Christopher  Slowe

Christopher Slowe

CTO & Co-Founder, Reddit

Bryan Dove

Bryan Dove

CTO/ CEO, Skyscanner

Val Scholz

Val Scholz

Head of Growth , Revolut

Cindy Chastain

Cindy Chastain

SVP, Global Customer Experience and Design, Mastercard

Paolo Malabuyo

Paolo Malabuyo

Director of UX, Google

Phil Keslin

Phil Keslin

CTO & Founder, Niantic Inc

Eva Deckers

Eva Deckers

Design Director, Philips Design

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee

Chief Product Officer, eBay Korea

Rashi Khurana

Rashi Khurana

VP of Engineering, Shutterstock

Adam Furtado

Adam Furtado

Chief Product Officer, Kessel Run / U.S. Air Force

Alice Newton-Rex

Alice Newton-Rex

Chief Product Officer, WorldRemit

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Catherine is a co-founder and looks after our Partnerships at UXDX.  Her goal is to bring forward people who are rethinking the way we develop products and work with partners who are committed to helping teams advance their product delivery. Contact Catherine if you would like to learn more about partnership opportunities at UXDX. 

Snejana, Comtrade, Networking, UXDX
Networking UXDX
John Buckley, Frontend, Newtorking, UXDX
Networking smile UXDX
Networking UXDX
Jonathan Courtney, AJ&Smart UXDX Training
Erin Khoo,  Patty DeArteaga, Indeed Prime, Exhibition Stand
Enterprise Ireland exhibition space at UXDX with AR demo