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World-class Product Speakers

Michael  Gough

Michael Gough

Vice President of Product Design , Uber

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee

Chief Product Officer, eBay Korea

Paul Adams

Paul Adams

SVP of Product, Intercom

Marcel Putina

Marcel Putina

Product Owner, Degiro

Alan Klement

Alan Klement

Partner, Revealed

Sudev Balakrishnan

Sudev Balakrishnan

Chief Product Officer, Stash

Conor Walsh

Conor Walsh

Product Manager, Duolingo

Jackie Scherer

Jackie Scherer

Principle Product Designer, Ripple

Marie-Laure  Thuret

Marie-Laure Thuret

Technical Product Manager, Algolia

Gianni Clifford

Gianni Clifford

Product Design Manager, Zendesk

Product Development Needs to Focus on Outcomes over Outputs


of features fail to deliver value

By focusing on developing instead of customer needs, teams are wasting time and building products that customers don't want.

Lack of Autonomy

Having a product team structure isn't enough. Align with the technology architecture to ensure independence between teams so they can deliver at their own pace.

Feature Factory

You need to fight the pressure to release features for features sake. Invest the time validating whether the features will actually deliver the outcomes expected.

There's a Better Way of Building Products

Most companies are falling into the build trap - where the goal is to build features rather than deliver outcomes. Creating cross functional teams, aligning them on the goals of customer value and business objectives, and giving them challenging targets enables people to focus on outcomes over outputs.

From Waterfall Projects
To Cross Functional Product Teams

How UXDX Enables Change

In order to change long established, and embedded, working practices you need the appetite for change followed by both top down and bottom up support.

UXDX Change Framework


Hear how our world-class product speakers are solving the challenges of creating autonomous, cross functional product teams.

Personal Ability

Hands-on training targeted on the latest Product Management tools and techniques to enable alignment across product teams.

Organisational Ability

Learn how to the world's leading companies are aligning their product teams across their organisations and empowering them to deliver.

Companies That Attend

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