Progressive Web Apps


Join expert Jo Franchetti for a hands-on, exploration of progressive web apps (PWAs). You'll learn how to create PWAs with the modern APIs for mobile and desktop platforms, including app installation and distribution, offline access, push notifications, web performance, and hardware access.

topics covered

Topics Covered

  • Create a PWA with modern technologies
  • Transition from a modern website to an app-like experience
  • Create an offline-capable PWA using service workers
  • Increase conversion and re-engagement using web push notifications


Key Takeaways

  • How to distribute their progressive web app (PWA)
  • What APIs are currently available for PWAs
  • How to measure and improve performance to meet PWA goals


Jo Franchetti

Jo Franchetti

Web developer advocate for Samsung Internet. Jo is passionate about writing good CSS, accessibility and UX. She has experience with React and she writes talks and demos on new and exciting web APIs.

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