Creating an Interactive Prototype at Speed

09:00 - 12:00, 8th October

In this deep dive, UXDX has partnered with ProtoPie for a thorough spin to go through new features that will help you to rapidly design, prototype, and share interactive experiences at the speed of thought. This session will bring a simple user flow to life. You'll create an interactive prototype from scratch, that is shared for feedback and delivered to production. You'll gain a good understanding on how prototyping can help solve day to day challenges now and in the future.

What you'll get out of this session

In this rapid prototyping class participants

  • Learn rapid prototyping testing concepts to apply before making large investments in final UX design. 
  • Discover how to easily and quickly build low-fidelity prototypes using both analog and digital prototyping methods. 
  • Find out how to use rapid prototyping and UX principles to reduce development time while improving the experience of users.

Who is this session best suited to

Whether you create websites, mobile apps, line of business apps, or games, you'll benefit from this rapid prototyping course. Learn how to reduce the time to build, while improving the experience for your users. This course is suitable for anyone involved in the app design and development process, including business analysts, UX designers, application developers, web developers, and product managers

Attendees are required to bring their own macOS or Windows 10 computer and an iOS or Android device. 


About Protopie

If you are completely new to ProtoPie, this hands-on lab lets you immerse in a new tool and learn powerful tips and tricks to remove friction from your digital design process. Your trainer will provide unique insights into the roadmap and the user centric design process.