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The Benefits of Speaking at UXDX

Personal Growth

Personal Benefits

Visibility and Authority
Get your name out there as an expert in your field. Its a great way of growing your career

Having to prepare a talk forces you to really delve into the details on a topic. You'll be surprised by what you teach yourself

Build Confidence
It may seem daunting at first but you will be on a high after coming off stage and the confidence will last even longer

Supercharge your Networking
Don't worry about not knowing how to reach out to people - they will reach out to you

Company Growth

Company Benefits

Brand Awareness
Your brand will be highlighted on the agenda for months as people research the conference

Brand Authority
Your company is one of the few selected to be on stage. You get the transferred authority of all of the other large brands like Google, Uber, Spotify, Mastercard and more

If you're looking to hire this is a great opportunity to highlight how work is really done at your company

Press Coverage
If you have a big announcement we can facilitate press coverage at the conference

What our Audience wants to hear

We've designed our agenda around helping teams shift from working in projects to working as autonomous cross functional product teams that solve customer problems and deliver business value. We've created a number of different streams that either deliver the organisational change that enables product teams or helps the teams to deliver in a more autonomous and incremental fashion. 

Product development is broken. Shifting from treating software as something that has a defined start and finish, to a continuous evolving product means we can improve efficiency and, ultimately outcomes for our customers and our companies. But this is easier said than done. The Project to Product stream covers the process, mindset and organisational changes that are needed to support the transition.

Every product must solve a customer need in a way that is profitable for the company. Too often companies lose the initial focus on the customer and focus purely on the business needs. It may work in the short term but it leaves the company exposed to competitors and disruption. The Customer Centricity stream focuses on the product management approaches to creating winning product strategies that connect the dots between customer needs and business outcomes.

Creating a product team isn't as simple as re-branding a project team. The responsibilities and expectations have changed - and change is hard. The Building a Team stream covers the mindset shift for people moving from working in clear silos to working collaboratively across UX, UI, Dev and Product and building the t-shaped skills necessary to support modern product development. It also covers the adaptive leadership approach required to guide and mentor the team to success.

The biggest waste in product development is building the wrong thing. Customer needs are shifting rapidly so you can't rely on a single up-front analysis phase. The Research stream goes into the tools, techniques and psychology required to deliver continuous research. But research is only valuable when it is used. The Research stream also covers the communication approaches that ensure the team understand, and can solve for, the underlying customer needs.

Design is more than just pixels. It's about how teams can utilise design thinking to solve the identified customer problems, and how can we validate the ideas the team comes up with actually works? The Design stream cover the key stages of ideation, hypothesis forming and validation through prototypes and other means. Independent product teams introduce a challenge for consistency so we also cover the best practices in design systems to mitigate these challenges.

Enabling teams to iteratively build solutions requires a different approach to architecture and development. The Big Design Up Front (BDUF) needs to be replaced with architectural forcing functions that ensure that teams can self manage safely. The Architect and Build stream dives into the approaches for architecting systems knowing that changes will come and sharing approaches that companies are using to enable sustainable delivery over time.

Releases used to be measured in months - now they are measured in minutes. This can seem like an insurmountable challenge for companies dealing with legacy systems and long testing cycles, but it is critical to enable the quick feedback cycles we need to learn about our customers. The Continuous Delivery stream dives into the approaches that companies are using to migrate safely away from legacy systems and automate their DevOps release processes.

The other streams outline the individual pieces needed to deliver awesome products. The Inspiration stream highlights what can be achieved when you connect all of the pieces together and deliver a product that is truly special. Speakers from some of the leading companies around the world will share their product achievements to motivate and energise you to push for the changes you need in your organisation.

You are not Done when you get your software to production - in fact you are just starting! The Launch stream goes into the strategies that teams use to raise awareness of new features, onboard customers, track feature adoption and course correct when things don't go according to plan. 

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