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Benefits of Public Speaking

At UXDX our mission is to get the best speakers in the world to share their vision, experience and learnings from the product world to our knowledge enthusiastic audience. 

This page has the mission of informing speakers on what makes a great presentation, what has been proven to work and what hasn't. 

10 Best practices to stick by when giving a presentation


  1. It is important to share what your passions and interests are
  2. Don't give a presentation people have already seen multiple times
  3. Give lots of examples from your work that people can learn from
  4. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion, good or bad, on other peoples work
  5. If you have a new product/ launch/ announcement give it during the presentation to create hype with the audience as well as the media 
  6. It is important to speak about your failures, just as much as your successes. This gives the audience a chance to learn from where things went wrong for you
  7. Don't sell yourself and/or your company while on stage. You're there to inform, educate and inspire. 
  8. Stick to a presenting style that fits your personality - if you like making jokes, then do so, if you're not comfortable with it, then don't. Enjoy what you're delivering and how
  9. Try not bring speaker notes on stage. They don't look professional and you can't always rely on the technology - use your visuals as your prompter
  10. Please stick to the time you have been given. As going over times impacts the next speaker and audience members get impatient and lose interest


Types of Presentations

A lot of feedback we get is that they had a different expectation going into the talks. You should flag the type of talk ahead of time (and discuss with Charlotte as she'll be able to give you insight on what others are talking about). We try to mix up styles throughout the day so please let us know which is your preferred style.

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  • Story Telling
  • Coach
  • Personal

uxdx traing


  • Visual
  • Examples
  • Multiple steps

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  • Visual
  • Instructor
  • Example based

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  • Highly emotive
  • Debate
  • Supporting examples

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  • Audience involvement
  • Unstructured
  • Conversational

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  • Tools
  • Analysis
  • Training

Styles of Presentations

Choosing a the right style that suits you and your personality will be the difference between and excellent, memorable presentation or a not so memorable one. Presentations should have a good design, story and meaning.

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  • High impact visuals 
  • Little to no text
  • Fast pace



  • Short
  • Elevator pitch
  • Creative



  • Detailed slides
  • Lots of information
  • Text heavy



  • High engagement
  • Audience interaction
  • Inspirational



  • TED approach
  • Full of examples
  • A lot of time needed

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  • Impromptu
  • Personable
  • Highly interactive

Kevin Lee

Feedback based on talks at UXDX 2018

Our goal is to give you the tools and help to ensure you deliver the best presentation of your life. Feedback is incredibly important to the most experienced of presenters and one we hope will be valuable for continuous improvement.

"UXDX was a very positive experience for me. I had great support throughout to be well-prepared for the stage, and I received feedback from attendees shortly thereafter - super valuable to me as a presenter. " Paolo Malabuyo, Director of UX, Google 


  • "Very entertaining and funny to boot. Lots of content in the time given. Some good takeaways."
  • "Good content. Nice to have some humour in the talk as well as the 'useful' stuff. Great presentation style!"
  • "So unbelievably happy to hear that others are focused on the same as I am in the everyday. Keep holding on to the human! This talk was perfect and had exact right balance of examples, humour, reflection etc"
  • "Brilliant speaker! Loved the mix of examples and side stories!"
  • "Great content and insight. Lots of useful takeaways. Good use of statistics. Very clear speaker."


  • "Would have liked more real world examples others can apply."
  • "Some slides a bit heavier with text can make it easy to get distracted at times"
  • "No performance or impact metrics discussed. No mention of what assumptions they wanted to test."
  • "Nothing related to jobs to be done. Just about their company and process. Really disappointed"
  • "How is this relevant to a conference? It's just promotional content about their company"
  • "Did this speaker change content at the last minute? I didn't feel he covered what was advertised. It was more of a product demo / keynote"

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