UXDX Online - Stockholm & Oslo

18 March 2020, 12:00 - 17:00 CET

Product Development is Broken


of features fail to deliver value

Microsoft started tracking every feature and discovered that only 33% of good ideas actually delivered the expected value


of people have their hands tied

The delivery team know what is best but they are blocked by company structure and policies from doing the right thing.


more time spent on rework

Teams that use legacy development practices spend more time on rework which kills motivation and slows delivery.

There's a Better Way of Building Products

Projects involve functions temporarily working together to deliver a set scope, but this limits the ability to learn about customers and forces a more short term view. What we need is for the right mix of skills across Product, UX, Design, Dev and Ops to be working together to learn, build and continuously improve the product. 

From Waterfall Projects
To Cross Functional Product Teams

What To Expect

UXDX Model

Learn the UXDX Model

Our mission is to help teams improve their processes and shift from being feature factories towards owning and delivery business outcomes. Hear about the challenges of successes of companies who are leading this shift and breaking down the barriers between development, design and product teams.

Alice Newton, Head of Product, World Remit

Global Trail Blazers

From nimble scaleups  to enterprises  talking about the challenges they're facing, how they're solving them and the focus areas. You'll learn proven strategies from teams who've already tested it in the market that you can leverage to speed up your delivery. 

2 men talking


Step out of the office for a day to learn and network on how others are speeding up product delivery. Grow your network by meeting new and old faces in your local city- get to ask the questions you don't feel like asking your team. 

Sharing their story

Our speakers have been selected to give you a snapshot into the product life-cycle, from research, to build, deploy and product launch. The goal will be to help you enhance your process which in turn will help you advance your product. 

Marthe Prestegaard

Marthe Prestegaard

Senior Product Manager, Attensi

Rory Madden

Rory Madden

Founder, UXDX

Bruno Mikus

Bruno Mikus

Senior Developer, King

Erik Ferrier

Erik Ferrier

Head of Design, TIDAL

Fabiola Rodriguez

Fabiola Rodriguez

Head of Design, Voi

Golnaz Nozari

Golnaz Nozari

Senior Developer, King

Laurent Ploix

Laurent Ploix

Product Manager, Spotify

Mall Allpere

Mall Allpere

UX Design Expert, Swedbank

Sara Bergman

Sara Bergman

Software Engineering II, Microsoft

UXDX Online

UXDX online is more than just a webinar - its delivers the same insights, inspiration, networking and fun of a physical event. Like a real venue we have multiple rooms for different activities, just this time they are online rooms instead of physical rooms. 

UXDX Online Venue Map

Meeting Room Links

Main Stage:  164-998-884

Networking: 950-289-4554

Speaker Q&A Room A: 755-195-0404

Speaker Q&A Room B: 869-159-4596

Speaker Q&A Room C: 687-139-6466

Note: Access to the rooms is based on the email address that you used to register your ticket, with one space per email. 

UXDX Agenda

The agenda has been designed to promote local speakers from the Stockholm and Oslo product development community.

Arrival & Networking
Networking Area

Rory Madden, Founder
Opening Address

Rory Madden, Founder, UXDX

Main Stage

Erik Ferrier, Head of Design
Designing for chaos: How a Digital Style Guide brought the Design and Dev teams together

Erik Ferrier, Head of Design, TIDAL

Main Stage

How do we deliver complex digital solutions with small teams in a culture of short deadlines, last-minute changes, multiple stakeholders, and high secrecy? How do we enable team members to be independent and proactive while ensuring Brand consistency?

Explores the journey of how TIDAL created and implemented a Digital Style Guide and how it changed the way we work.

Fabiola Rodriguez, Head of Design

Fabiola Rodriguez, Head of Design, Voi

Main Stage

You are not the protagonist of the products you design, product manage or develop.

Fabiola explores ideas and tricks to stay humble when creating meaningful and impactful products for people.

Mall Allpere, UX Design Expert
Paving the way for a mature customer centric culture at Swedbank

Mall Allpere, UX Design Expert, Swedbank

Main Stage

How we at Swedbank turned learnings from global studies about the business value of design into our own way to bridge business, technology and design. 

The banking industry is currently undergoing a step change in customer expectations. This talk outlines how Swedbank is meeting the increased expectations though becoming more efficient by doing the right things and doing them right together. Increasing the customer satisfaction, when making it everybody's responsibility to create holistic experiences.

Networking Break
Networking Area

Q&A with Erik, Tidal
Speaker Q&A: Room A

Q&A with Fabiola, Voi
Speaker Q&A: Room B

Q&A with Mall, Swedbank
Speaker Q&A: Room C

Marthe Prestegaard, Senior Product Manager
Superfast product development

Marthe Prestegaard, Senior Product Manager, Attensi

Main Stage

Is superfast product development good or bad? When everything is growing and scaling - from the number of customers and users, to number of sales people, designers, developers and repositories - how do you keep up the delivery speed and customer centricity? Attensi has recently passed 100 employees, and in this session Marthe will share how her team of developers and designers work with product development from ideas to live features while still living Attensi's company value "superfast".

Laurent Ploix, Product Manager
Scaling a CI infrastructure

Laurent Ploix, Product Manager, Spotify

Main Stage

Scaling a CI infrastructure is a challenge; and it is even more challenging to measure success. In this talk, Laurent will explain the benefits, traps and challenges of finding good metrics.

Networking Break
Networking Area

Q&A with Marthe, Atensi
Speaker Q&A: Room A

Q&A with Laurent, Spotify
Speaker Q&A: Room B

Panel Session
The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless App

Golnaz Nozari, Senior Developer, King

Bruno Mikus, Senior Developer, King

Main Stage


Releasing new content to millions of players sounds like a daunting task and it takes more than just courage to push that "publish" button.



Release is not scary if it is done responsibly and if anyone can do it.

Tailor the release process to your business needs and try to keep it as modular as possible.

Sara Bergman, Software Engineering II
Continuous Delivery at Scale

Sara Bergman, Software Engineering II, Microsoft

Main Stage

Rory Madden, Founder
Turning Motivation into Action

Rory Madden, Founder, UXDX

Main Stage

Close & Networking
Networking Area

Q&A with Golnaz and Bruno, King
Speaker Q&A: Room A

Q&A with Sara, Microsoft
Speaker Q&A: Room B

Q&A with Rory, UXDX
Speaker Q&A: Room C

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