3rd October 2018

Learning on the job is a required to keep up to date - however challenges are easily encountered and difficult to overcome. Our signature UXDX training day delves into the individual challenges of designers, developers and product managers, allowing you to either upskill on your current capabilities or fine tune your expertise to accelerate your delivery.

This is a mini day with just 120 of your peers to advance your career and knowledge in the most important areas of product development. You'll receive bonus talks from career experts on how to ensure you're the best version of you. 

From Problem to Vision

Defining the Problem

Jobs to be Done

Understand your Customers and their Needs
Design Sprint

Design Sprint

Accelerate your Product Discovery
Earliest Testable / Workable / Lovable Products

Earliest Testable / Workable / Lovable Products

Validate your Product as you Build It

From Vision to Execution

Design Thinking + DevOps = UXDX

Integrating UX & Dev

Breaking Down the Barrier
Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

One Channel to Rule them All

DevOps for Developers

Getting Code to Customers

Join us in Dublin