How do you deliver?

The talks outline the what and the why behind new practices and processes. The challenge now is how you deliver? 

The training will increase your technical ability and give you a better understanding of how you can put theory into practice for better product delivery.

Product Training

Define your product vision using the Jobs-to-be-Done and then move into implementation by focusing on the minimum lovable product. 

Defining the Problem


Understand your Customers and their Needs
Jay Haynes, Founder & CEO

Jay Haynes, Founder & CEO, thrv

  • Defining your Customer
  • Defining the core Job -to-be-Done
  • Interview techniques for uncovering Jobs
  • Product Levels: Usefulness, Usability, Desirability
  • Job-to-be-Done to Job Stories
  • Direct, Secondary and Indirect Competitors
  • Identify target Segment and Value Proposition
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Earliest Testable / Workable / Lovable Products

Earliest Testable / Workable / Loveable Product

Validate your Product as you Build It
Dominik Oslizlo, Senior UX Designer

Dominik Oslizlo, Senior UX Designer, Netguru

  • The Benefits of Small Batches: Validation
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • The Problems with MVP's
  • Vision Sessions
  • Identifying the Starting Point
  • Hypothesis Driven Development
  • The Value of Metrics
  • Learn More

UX Training

Speed up your product decision ideation process and then investigate how to keep UX integrated in the Development cycle. 

Design Sprint

Design Sprint - SOLD OUT!

Design Sprints - Tactics for integrating the Sprint into your company
John  Vetan, Innovation Strategist and Founder

John Vetan, Innovation Strategist and Founder, Design Sprint Academy

  • Defining the challenge
  • Understanding the User: Building the empathy
  • Learn to frame problems into actionable design challenges
  • Ideation and solution sketching
  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping Best Practices
  • Learn More

Integrating UX and Delivery

Integrating UX & Dev - SOLD OUT!

Breaking Down the Barriers
Rory Madden, Founder

Rory Madden, Founder, UXDX

  • Assumptions Document
  • Pulling Developers Left: Team Hypothesis Sessions
  • Prototyping Ideation
  • Hypothesis Driven Development
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Constant Communication throughout the Delivery Cycle
  • Learn More

Development Training

Learn about the latest best practices in Progressive Web Apps and then learn how to get your code into production quickly with our DevOps for Developers training. 

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

One Channel to Rule them All
Jo Franchetti, Developer Advocate

Jo Franchetti, Developer Advocate, Samsung Internet

  • An introduction to Service Workers
  • Caching Strategies and their Use Cases
  • Push Notifications
  • Permission Handling Approaches
  • Fetch and IndexedDB API
  • Responsive Images
  • Learn More


DevOps for Developers

Getting Code to Customers
Eoin Barry, DevOps Practice Lead

Eoin Barry, DevOps Practice Lead, Codec

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Architecting for Microservices
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Containerisation
  • Continuous Integration
  • Building Quality In
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Learn More

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