3rd October 2018

Learning on the job is a required to keep up to date - however challenges are easily encountered and difficult to overcome. Our signature UXDX training day delves into the individual challenges of designers, developers and product managers, allowing you to either upskill on your current capabilities or fine tune your expertise to accelerate your delivery.

This is a mini day with just 120 of your peers to advance your career and knowledge in the most important areas of product development. You'll receive bonus talks from career experts on how to ensure you're the best version of you. 

From Problem to Vision

Defining the Problem

Jobs to be Done

Understand your Customers and their Needs

Most innovation in companies today is product centric - look at a product and see how it can be improved. But improvements are relative; it may be fancier but does it help the customer with their problem. Ask people how they want to improve a product and they'll give you a lot of answers - some of which might be right. But unless you understand the problem that the customer is "hiring" your product to solve you competing against luck implementing each new feature. 

  • Defining your Customer
  • Defining the core Job -to-be-Done
  • Interview techniques for uncovering Jobs
  • Product Levels: Usefulness, Usability, Desirability
  • Job-to-be-Done to Job Stories
  • Direct, Secondary and Indirect Competitors
  • Identify target Segment and Value Proposition

Design Sprint

Design Sprint

Accelerate your Product Discovery

Learn the proven methods for building award-winning products, better and faster than everybody else. This session will teach you the methods you can bring back, use and apply immediately to improve the way you, your team and company works. This is not a PowerPoint session - it's hands-on, it's intense, it's extremely practical and usable.

This Design Sprint training is relevant for anyone involved in the creation of products or the introduction of innovation processes in your company.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the exact tools to use to bring products to the market
  • Conceptualise, design and validate new products very fast, with very little waste
  • Understand how Design Sprints can solve specific problems and make a quick decision
  • Apply your learning immediately to real-life work situations
  • Tactics for integrating the Sprint into your company

Earliest Testable / Workable / Lovable Products

Earliest Testable / Workable / Lovable Products

Validate your Product as you Build It

When you have the full product vision in your head, you can get the feeling that you have nothing until you have everything. Fortunately this isn't the case - every product evolves. The challenge you face is like the eye argument against natural evolution; half an eye is useless so it couldn't have evolved. But nature shows us that different animals have been successful with light detection, light direction detection, image detection, fixed focus and variable focus eyes.  And the same will be true of your product. 

This workshop will be hands-on. Please feel free to suggest your use cases and challenges - it might get selected. 

  • The Benefits of Small Batches: Validation
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • The Problems with MVP's
  • Vision Sessions
  • Identifying the Starting Point
  • Hypothesis Driven Development
  • The Value of Metrics

From Vision to Execution

Design Thinking + DevOps = UXDX

Integrating UX & Dev

Breaking Down the Barrier

Are your UX and Development Teams in sync? DevOps has been hugely successful because it identified that barriers between teams are one of the biggest bottlenecks for delivering products to customers. With the aim of reducing wasted effort, many product teams are merging Design / UX teams with their Dev teams. With anything new there has been a lot of experimentation to figure out how things work. Rather than learn from first principles you can join this training to uncover the approaches and techniques proven to work. 

In this workshop you will learn about: 

  • Pulling Developers Left: Product Vision
  • Hypothesis Workshops
  • Prototyping Ideation
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Constant Communication throughout the Delivery Cycle

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

One Channel to Rule them All

With Apple now supporting Service Workers the time is right to start working on your Progressive Web Apps. A single code base can be used to deliver app-like experiences directly from the browser with features like offline access, quick loading, push notifications and more. 

This will be a hands on session so don't forget to bring your laptop. 

In this session we will cover:

  • An introduction to Service Workers
  • Caching Strategies and their Use Cases
  • Push Notifications
  • Permission Handling Approaches
  • Fetch and IndexedDB API
  • Responsive Images


DevOps for Developers

Getting Code to Customers

Handovers between teams lead to miscommunication, bottlenecks and delays. The DevOps banner includes a number of initiatives aimed at automating releases and deployments. Whether you will be taking on the challenge yourself or you need to understand the steps involved so that you can keep things on your product moving, then this session will give the information you need. 

In this course we will cover:

  • Continuous Integration Concepts
  • Introduction to Jenkins 2
  • Pipelines as Code
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • An overview of Cloud Security
  • Governance and Cost Management

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We are currently drafting the full details of the model, including the necessary pre-planning steps for Outcome-Driven development, the strategies for development based on your product purpose and the detailed steps on how to manage each step of the process. We are reaching out to product delivery professionals for their input on the model and will incorporate this feedback into the final documentation.