Designers have a seat at the table at UXDX

The UXDX model promotes outcome-driven product development instead of the traditional feature-approach. By expanding the DevOps loop to include the Research, Hypothesis and Design stages, it forces teams to validate assumptions about new features before building them.

UXDX understands the vitality and importance of fulfilled, highly skilled and outcome driven designers. We tailor our conference and= training to help you grow and improve your performance.

Integrated UX

Integrated UX

  • Team Roadmap Sessions
  • Hypothesis Driven Development
  • Integrated Monitoring
  • Autonomous / Centralised Tradeoffs
  • Empathy with Developers


Vision to Execution

  • Defining the Problem
  • Metric Driven Requirements
  • Lean Prototyping
  • Earliest Testable / Workable / Lovable Products


Performance & Growth

  • Measure the Impact of your Role 
  • Accelerate your Performance
  • Learn Approaches from others through Networking
  • Upskill and Future-Proof your UX Practices




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Training Tracks

Breaking UX boundaries

Doug Powell

Doug Powell

Distinguished Designer, IBM

Nick Gill

Nick Gill

UX Researcher, Flyt

Kai En Ong

Kai En Ong

Head of User Experience and Design, BBC

Richard Dalton

Richard Dalton

Head of Design, Capital One

Cheryl  Kennedy

Cheryl Kennedy

Director of Digital Design, Data & Services, Barclaycard

Chiara  Henderson

Chiara Henderson

Head of Customer Experience (EMEA) , Slack

Emmet Connolly

Emmet Connolly

Director of Product Design, Intercom

David Hoang

David Hoang

Head of Product Design, One Medical

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