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UXDX conf is based around the UXDX model which integrates UX into the Development loop by breaking down the barriers between development, design and research teams.

UXDX Model: Research -> Hypothesis -> Prototype

33% of product features negatively impact the product

Are you validating your new features before development?

UXDX Model: Build -> Test -> Release

Low performing teams spend 22% more time on unnecessary rework

Are you merging and testing regularly enough? 

UXDX Model: Deploy -> Operate -> Monitor

DevOps teams have a 440x faster lead time for changes

How quickly can you get code to Production?

What is UXDX?

UXDX brings together Product, Design and Development professionals to learn how to work together more efficiently to build more successful products. 

At the core of the conference is the realisation that nobody knows what will work when building a product. Teams need to experiment continuously throughout delivery to learn and course correct as they go. This approach shifts the success criteria of a team away from the traditional output metrics (number of features delivered) towards the business value outcomes achieved.

While this is easy to say that teams should focus on outcomes it is incredibly hard to do in practice. The UXDX agenda is structured around the practices, tools and case studies of teams who are successfully making this shift, so that you can learn from their mistakes and speed up the transition in your organisation.

Learn more about the UXDX Model

What Your Team Will Expect

UXDX Model

Learn the UXDX Model

The goal of the afternoon is to discuss a new methodology to integrate UX better into the current product lifecycle, shifting development from features towards outcomes. Hear how companies are breaking barriers between development, design and product teams. From Vision to Execution, UXDX is centered around a common focus on the user to enable a better product to be built, faster. 



The training day provides your team with the opportunity to upskill on the newest processes and incorporate back into the team. They'll receive practical advice and a fresh perspective on specific project issues and how to improve or execute. 

Bryan Dove, Skyscanner, Stage

Global Trail Blazers

From nimble scaleups like Revolut to enterprises like Google talking about challenges, how they've solved them and focus areas. That's over 60 proven strategies from teams who've already tested it in the market that you can leverage to speed up your delivery. 

2 men talking

Connect & Motivate

Your team will have the chance to interact with some of the 1,000+ product, developers, designers from across the world who are attending. They'll come back from UXDX energised and with fresh thinking on how to tackle your toughest business challenges.

A Selection of our 2018 Speakers

Christopher  Slowe

Christopher Slowe

CTO & Co-Founder, Reddit

Noelle LaCharite

Noelle LaCharite

Sr Technical Program Manager, Amazon

Annmarie Kiddle

Annmarie Kiddle

Head of UX, The Financial Times

Bryan Dove

Bryan Dove

CTO/ CEO, Skyscanner

Val Scholz

Val Scholz

Head of Growth , Revolut

Paolo Malabuyo

Paolo Malabuyo

Director of UX, Google

Cheryl  Kennedy

Cheryl Kennedy

Director of Digital Design, Data & Services, Barclaycard

Phil Keslin

Phil Keslin

CTO & Founder, Niantic Inc

Anna  Sitnikova

Anna Sitnikova

Product Manager, iZettle

Rija  Javed

Rija Javed

CTO, MarketInvoice

Emmet Connolly

Emmet Connolly

Director of Product Design, Intercom

Martin Woodward

Martin Woodward

Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft

Richard Dalton

Richard Dalton

Head of Design, Capital One

Francesca Cuda

Francesca Cuda

Head of Engineering, ustwo

Companies That Attend

How Does UXDX Compare to Other Conferences?

Product ConferencesLocationDateDaysPrice
UXDX Dublin3-5 Oct2€450-€850
PendomoniumRaleigh20 - 21 Mar2€427 - €1,290
Mind the ProductLondon19 Oct1€457-€800
UX ConferencesLocationDateDaysPrice
UXDXDublin3-5 Oct2€450 - €850
Interaction (IxDA)Lyon3 - 8 Feb3€1,200
UXPADublin26-28 June2€735 - €1,103
UX AustraliaSydney28 - 31 Aug2€564
Dev ConferencesLocationDateDaysPrice
UXDXDublin3-5 Oct2€450 - €850
Developer WeekNew York20 - 22 Feb2€1,020 - €1,180
QCONLondon5 - 9 Mar3€1,221 - €1,950
ReactConfBratislava25-27 Oct3€399 - €599
Generic ConferencesLocationDateDaysPrice
Web SummitLisbon5-8 Nov3€850 - €1,950
SLUSHHelsinki30 Nov-1 Dec2€595 - €895

    UXDX is hosted in Dublin

    UXDX takes place in Ireland's best known venue, the RDS in Dublin city. 

    Dublin is fast becoming a global tech hub - hosting homegrown talents like Stripe and Intercom, to large multinationals like Google, Microsoft, Airbnb and HubSpot.

    Some of the best engineering and design teams in the world can be found in Ireland. David Marcus, President of PayPal has said "There's really nowhere else in Europe where we can get such a talented pool of multilingual candidates that we can hire at this scale, and it's truly been a great experience for PayPal from the beginning." 

    Dublin featured in the National Geographic Traveller "Best of the World" for 2018. Explore what the city has to offer as we take you on both a learning and cultural experience over the few days while you're attending UXDX.

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