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The Fear

Being great in your job doesn't translate to being a great presenter, yet as we progress in our careers, speaking in public becomes increasingly important. Most people experience some degree of nervousness when it comes to public speaking. If people don't do anything about it, the thought of speaking on a public stage can have career limitations and crippling effects on confidence and goals. 


The Importance

There are plenty of situations where having public speaking skills can help your career. It's a great tool to motivate others, to change someones behavior or achieve your goals. It's also important as it will increase self confidence, which in turn can assist with salary and performance.

Who's this for?

Kai Eng Ong, Head of Design, BBC speaking at UXDX 2016

The Goal

Our goal specifically is to guide female and underrepresented groups to  get the necessary skills and guidance they need to become stage ready. That said, we'd be delighted if it's relevant for anyone who wants to be able to speak on a public platform.

Some of our amazing female speakers

Kai En Ong

Kai En Ong

Head of User Experience and Design, BBC

Noelle LaCharite

Noelle LaCharite

Sr Technical Program Manager, Amazon

Annmarie Kiddle

Annmarie Kiddle

Head of UX, The Financial Times

Shruti KNR

Shruti KNR

UX Specialist, UNICEF

Cheryl  Kennedy

Cheryl Kennedy

Director of Digital Design, Data & Services, Barclaycard

Anna  Sitnikova

Anna Sitnikova

Product Manager, iZettle

Rija  Javed

Rija Javed

CTO, MarketInvoice

Francesca Cuda

Francesca Cuda

Head of Engineering, ustwo

Natalia Kaijalainen

Natalia Kaijalainen

Engineering Manager, Trimble

Public Speaking Program

We will be launching our public speaking program with 50 women on board. The course is split into two skill levels 'Zero to Hero' and 'Novice to Pro' essentially one for beginners and one for intermediates. Our goal is to have over 500 women in our program. We still have some places available for female's that are attending the conference, make sure to fill out the form below the agenda.

DateZero to HeroNovice to Pro
23.10Public Speaking Foundations
What holds people back
What to do
What not to do
Beyond The Basics
How to captivate and inspire
Captivating talk
How to figure out what your talk should be on
How to structure your talk
Designing Your Deck
How much text vs imagery to use
What's the right amount of slides
Maintaining design consistency
Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking
Stage fright - getting over your nerves
Body language and presence on stage
Communicating with Confidence
How to take the pressure off and reduce anxiety
Critiquing Your Delivery
Body Language for Leaders
Getting the message across
13.11Finding Opportunities to Speak
How to apply and sell yourself 
Finding Multiple Opportunities to Speak at Larger Conferences
What to look for (i.e. talks that are recorded)
27.11Structuring Your Talk
How to format context
Media Training
How to handle media interviews
What to answer and what to avoid
4.12How to Present and Stay on Point
Tips to sticking to your agenda: Large group
Speaking Style
Eliminating crutch words such as um, er, and uh
How to feel more yourself in front of others

Speaking Style
How to adapt to the audience.
Probing questions to interact and engage to give them a super experience
11.12Style and formatting
What to use and how
Improving Your Presentation Style
What to do and what not to do
Establishing Credibility as a Speaker
8.1How to Prepare and Answer off-the-cuff Questions
Understanding questions before you answer
Structuring your answers
Become a Pro at Answering off-the-cuff Questions
Staying in control
Maintaining a professional attitude
Practicing with colleagues
15.1Final presentationFinal presentation

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