Challenge Your Assumptions

4th - 5th October 2018

We have two stages at UXDX 2018 which focus on the key common issues facing product teams everywhere. Our Vision stage tackles how to define, and stick to the product vision which in turn transitions to our Execution stage tackling the problems of converting that vision into reality. Keep reading for more information.

Product Vision


Mapping your customer needs with the business objectives leads to prioritising the delivery.

  • Defining the Problem
  • Setting up for Success
  • Mapping out the Product
  • Launch Platform



Continuous delivery, validating assumptions and non stop iterations. Getting these right means excellent execution. 

  • Integrated UX
  • Scaling Development
  • DevOps Deployments
  • Monitoring


Jay Haynes, Founder & CEO
Vision Day Moderator

Jay Haynes, Founder & CEO, thrv


Jo Franchetti, Developer Advocate
Execution Opening Address

Jo Franchetti, Developer Advocate, Samsung Internet


Matt Barthelemy, Global Head of UX
Putting the Customer First: Jobs-to-be-Done

Matt Barthelemy, Global Head of UX, FitBit

Vision Setup for Success

Adding features to hardware and software products is not very difficult. Adding what people see as actual, sustained benefits is harder--and much more valuable.

User research, when done in a thoughtful, curious, and creative manner, helps our teams learn about what truly matters to people, and what their hopes and challenges are. From there we develop important insights that guide our designs-the opportunities we see for us to help people achieve their goals by the solutions we conceive and create.

We know it's essential to meet people where they are in their health, wellness, and fitness journey. It's equally important to create a flexible and compelling ecosystem, to keep people engaged, and be continuously helpful as they make progress. 

In this session, we'll review how insights guided the design of our newest and best-selling product to date, along with new experiences like female health tracking.

At Fitbit, we see our jobs as helping people be healthier, and to actually improve their lives through sustained behavior change. Powerful stuff.

Luca Mezzalira, Chief Architect
Micro Frontend Architecture

Luca Mezzalira, Chief Architect, DAZN

Execution Build
Richard Dalton, Head of Design
That Loving Feeling: How Companies Lost It, and How to Bring It Back

Richard Dalton, Head of Design, Capital One

Vision Setup for Success

Why would a major Las Vegas hotel consistently have a room service waiting time of 1.5 hours? Why would a major airline consistently have delays that torment a well-known design and usability consultant based in Boston? Why would a major financial services company try and cross-sell a credit card when a customer is in the middle of the highway reporting a car accident?
What we've got here is a failure to communicate. Businesses are complex, with thousands of people, processes, business rules, systems, and products all impacting thousands of touchpoints that millions of customers interact with. If left unmanaged this complexity can be disastrous for the customer.
An organisation's biggest asset is its employees, the way they work, communicate, and collaborate. This system needs designing just as much, if not more so, than the customer-facing experiences we spend most of our time on. It's time we turned our talents inward and designed ourselves.
The concept of Enterprise Architecture has been around since the 80's. Management consultancies like Accenture have made it a staple offering and books have been written about it. Unfortunately, they're all wrong, or rather missing one key component.
In this example-filled, thought-provoking session the audience will be challenged to think about their organisations differently, introduced to the missing component, and given a framework and language for effecting a cultural change amongst their business and technology partners.

Will Demaine, Engineer
Planning your Agile Architecture

Will Demaine, Engineer, Fat Lama

Execution Build

Setup decisions: Planning your Agile architecture (Cloud migration path, platform choice, microservices/conainer architecture) ... Before you know everything about your product, how are you supposed to set it up

Richard Maraschi, Head of Global Growth
Defining the problem: Using Data and Insights for Upfront Product Success

Richard Maraschi, Head of Global Growth, eBay classifieds group

Vision Defining the Problem
  • Understanding the customer and their needs
  • Mitigating product roadmap risks from the outset
  • Rapid conceptualisation: Ensuring you have the right processes in place for building and scaling at speed
  • Aligning engineering, marketing and sales teams


Tom Dwyer, Front-End Developer
Progressive Web Apps: The Breakdown

Tom Dwyer, Front-End Developer, trivago

Execution Build

Tim Hudson, SVP UX
Embracing Empathy

Tim Hudson, SVP UX, Adyen

Vision Setup for Success

Scott Riseborough, Lead Software Developer in Test
Building Quality: Test-Automation and TDD

Scott Riseborough, Lead Software Developer in Test, Apperio

Execution Build

Deborah  Clarke, Director of Product
Solving Problems to Build a Compelling Product

Deborah Clarke, Director of Product, Cartrawler

Vision Setup for Success
  • The mechanics behind the process 
  • Trial and error; how we got to our approach and why
  • How we shifted team thinking to roll out our problem solving techniques
  • How to define your success metrics 
Lunch & Networking Break

Lunch & Networking Break

Lunch & Networking Break

Lunch & Networking Break

Fabrizio Fortunato, Head of Frontend
A Journey from Complexity: Reducing Technical Debt

Fabrizio Fortunato, Head of Frontend, Ryanair

Execution Build

Amy West, Product Manager
Ten Years On: Rethinking how We Transfer

Amy West, Product Manager, WeTransfer

Vision Defining the Problem

David Hoang, Head of Product Design
Design and prototyping

David Hoang, Head of Product Design, One Medical

Execution Integrated UX

Emmet Connolly , Director of Product Design
The tools we use: Challenging dogma in the design process

Emmet Connolly , Director of Product Design, Intercom

Vision Product Roadmap

Many of us in the design community pride ourselves on being tool builders, creating products that others can use to get things done. This is, at some level, the fundamental promise of all technology. Yet if we don't pay close enough attention, our own tools can sometimes get the better of us. Whether it's a team using a prescribed design process, or a company building software to be used by the entire planet, it turns out that these tools can be used in unintended ways. They can break, or grow out of control. And so our job as designers is not just to build things, but sometimes to recognise when we need to take them apart again. In this talk Emmet will discuss some lessons learned while growing the design team at Intercom, how that relates to the broader technology industry, and why building a process for everyone to follow is less important than building a culture that can upend it.

Eva Deckers, Design Director
Data Enabled Design

Eva Deckers, Design Director, Philips Design

Execution Monitoring

Understanding the Data Enabled Design team, part of Philips Design. This new competence team aims at making data and artificial intelligence part of the creative process and deliver on meaningful propositions that encompass data and AI. In this session Eva will elaborate on the need for this competence; the needed skills, expertise of designers and collaborations with data scientist, analysts and developers; the methodologies and tools we develop; illustrated with examples.

Panel Session
Ensuring the Success of your Remote Engineering Team

Paul Savage, COO, nearForm

Vanessa Ferguson, Global VP - People & Experience, LiveTiles

Vision Defining the Problem



Brian Dalton, QA Digital Tester

Brian Dalton, QA Digital Tester, Aer Lingus

Execution Monitoring

Kevin Lee, VP & Head of Design
Budgeting: The Art of Show vs. Tell

Kevin Lee, VP & Head of Design, Visa Inc.

Vision Defining the Problem

Knowing when to ask for budget or how to get it is the work of developing justification, long hours of discussion, relentless persuasion, and often confusing and disappointing. In this process, we often forget how to apply human-centered design approach and mindset to make the budget process more effective and supportive. In this session, how investing and building a culture and capability of pre-visualization and rapid prototyping helps generate a demand for design capacity from business stakeholders while promoting a design-driven way of working in organization.

Jasmin Dahncke, UX Designer
Continuous Learning: Feeding UX with Monitoring

Jasmin Dahncke, UX Designer, Next Games

Execution Monitoring

Tony Grout, Enterprise Agile and DevOps Transformation Director
Five phrases that shout your agile isn't scaling

Tony Grout, Enterprise Agile and DevOps Transformation Director, Atlassian

Vision Defining the Problem

My team is doing great. Where's everyone else
Your Epic is my Feature 

Anyone know why we're waiting so long for this API
Should we use green or blue Lets ask the Chief Product Officer
We need to get it right first time

Panel Session
Incremental Metrics: Getting your KPI's Right

Natalia Kaijalainen, Engineering Manager, Trimble

Paula Hellemaa, User Feedback Program Manager, Trimble

Execution Monitoring

Adam Furtado, Chief Product Officer
Kessel Run: A Digital Transformation Story within the World's Largest Bureaucracy

Adam Furtado, Chief Product Officer, Kessel Run / U.S. Air Force

Vision Setup for Success

There are few enterprises in the world that might find it tougher to become Agile and build software rapidly than a large Government organisation such as the US Air Force. But that's exactly the challenge Adam is solving through the Kessel Run project. Adam and the team are currently averaging about four months (124 days) to get a technology product from an idea on a whiteboard to operational - a task that normally would take 8 years. In his inspiring talk, Adam will talk us through his approach to becoming agile including; The problem and complexity of becoming Agile in a government Waterfall environment  Dealing with constraints; Understanding that not everybody will (or wants to) get onboard with becoming Agile - how to get around it. The structure and approach taken: Successes and lessons to date.


Olivia Kearney, Chief Marketing Officer
Execution opening Address

Olivia Kearney, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft Ireland


Paolo Malabuyo, Director of UX
Five Ps: Lead Teams & Land Products

Paolo Malabuyo, Director of UX, Google

Vision Product Roadmap

Designing, developing, and delivering products that provide user and business value is hard; doing it at scale is even harder. Five Ps refers to Principles, People, Priorities, Process, and Product, a framework that enables you to lead teams and land successful products. Paolo currently leads the UX teams for YouTube's Video Ads business and was previously at companies like Netflix, Mercedes-Benz, and Microsoft Xbox. Hear how this framework enabled product innovation at some of the world's most respected brands. 

Nik Crabtree, Lead Principal Software Engineer
Zero downtime releases: Migrating systems to the cloud

Nik Crabtree, Lead Principal Software Engineer, ASOS

Execution DevOps

Alice Newton, Chief Product Officer
Saying No to Features

Alice Newton, Chief Product Officer, WorldRemit

Vision Product Roadmap

Ross McKinley, Senior Build Engineer
Getting your Pipelines Flowing

Ross McKinley, Senior Build Engineer, EA DICE

Execution DevOps
  • Patch release process
  • Understaind the value stream map and deployment workflow at DICE
  • Increasing effort upfront to reduce build time"
Anna  Sitnikova, Product Manager
The art of prioritisation in product development

Anna Sitnikova, Product Manager, iZettle

Vision Product Roadmap



Francesca Cuda, Head of Engineering
Mob programming: The Next Level of Pair programming

Francesca Cuda, Head of Engineering, ustwo

Execution DevOps
  • Collaboration between discipline: Broadening vision by considering different viewpoints 
  • Bringing the whole team to work together on one task at the same time
  • Allowing an even distribution of knowledge, being more considerate of other disciplines
  • Triggering discussion before becoming blockers and make the team more effective
Panel Session
Building your Product with a Lean methodology

Javier Escribano, Chief Product Officer, OnTruck

Ivan Hernandez, VP of Engineering, OnTruck

Vision Product Roadmap

Panel Session
The State of Serverless

Raymond Mulligan, Azure Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft

Mike Myers, Principal cloud solution architect, Microsoft

Execution DevOps

Ronen Assia, Co-founder & CPO
User Journeys and Personas

Ronen Assia, Co-founder & CPO, eToro

Vision Setup for Success

Lunch & Networking Break

Lunch & Networking Break

Lunch & Networking Break

Lunch & Networking Break

Ciaran  O'Connell, Senior Director Engineering
Enabling and Empowering a Continuous Delivery Culture

Ciaran O'Connell, Senior Director Engineering, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Execution DevOps

* How is infrastructure provisioned

* Do individual teams have control or centralised? 

* How are costs managed across the organisation 

Annmarie Kiddle, Head of UX
Integrating UX into a traditional culture

Annmarie Kiddle, Head of UX, The Financial Times

Vision Integrated UX
  • Executing a lean UX approach
  • Challenges and opportunities to change mindsets
  • Understanding growth metrics of change
Rija  Javed, CTO
Unpack the Problem - Defining Objectives

Rija Javed, CTO, MarketInvoice

Execution Launch

Matias  Pietila, Head of Design
Life after Launch: Keeping your Product Alive

Matias Pietila, Head of Design, Qvik

Vision Launch

Many good projects start their march towards failure right after launch. Even if you managed to build your MVP version of the product by following the best lean startup practices, it's very tempting to become backlog-driven and spend the next year implementing all the darling ideas that didn't make the cut to the first version.

Instead, you should be relentlessly focusing on the market and building what is most valuable. This talk shares real-life experiences on achieving that (and sometimes failing).

  • Documenting your long-term product vision while avoiding heavy upfront-design
  • Best practices for lean prototyping
  • How to craft smart hypotheses to test your assumptions
  • The two moments of truth for any service and how to systematically design for them
  • Customer journeys and story maps as a way of maintaining your roadmap
Zan Gilani, Product Manager
3 takeaways from Duolingo's product culture

Zan Gilani, Product Manager, Duolingo

Execution Integrated UX


Christopher  Slowe, CTO & Co-Founder
Rebuilding Reddit

Christopher Slowe, CTO & Co-Founder, Reddit

Vision Launch

Reddit is home to the most authentic conversations on the internet. As of 2018, Reddit's popularity has surged to 330 million monthly active users in spite of a UX largely unchanged for a decade. This year, the company launched its first major redesign to make Reddit a more welcoming place for all. 

In his session, Chris Slowe, CTO and Founding Engineer of Reddit, will tell the story of how Reddit was built - and rebuilt - to enable its teams to scale rapidly and unveil its much-anticipated redesign. He will share the process and philosophy of Reddit's new UX, reflect on the community's feedback, and offer advice from developing and designing hand-in-hand with arguably the internet's most vocal, opinionated users.

Val Scholz, Head of Growth
Preventing Burnout

Val Scholz, Head of Growth , Revolut

Vision Launch

Long-term sustainability for growing, profitable businesses: increasing throughput. Heroic amounts of work to realise the company's vision Productivity trends: Elevating your game focusing on the bottlenecks: Investing in building better measures of capacity and better processes to increase throughput.

Phil Keslin, CTO & Founder
Launching a Cultural phenomenon: The Next Phase for Niantic Post Pokomon Go

Phil Keslin, CTO & Founder, Niantic Inc

Vision Launch

Closing Remarks
Vision Launch

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